Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I've Given Up on Makeup: 5 Tips on How I Did It.

I won't lie, this entry is not easy for me to write but I'm going to do it anyway. I know there would probably be some who'd want to agree with me on this and some, otherwise. But this is my personal opinion and I have decided to share with whoever is reading this.

Approximately 1 year and a half ago, it was during the new year, I was talking to my friend on the phone. I was in dying need of a company since it was a semester break at the time. So me being oh so lonely, decided to ring that particular close friend of mine who was thousands of miles away from me, America to be exact. Irda, if you're reading this. Yea, you're a part of the start of my makeup craze. We talked about basically anything that popped up in our mind, including how she had recently started to play with makeup. And she gave me this crazy idea that I should do the same. And you know what, I did exactly that. I started to watch countless of makeup video tutorials on YouTube, like it was my very own version of How I Met Your Mother. Yes, while everyone was still raving about the ending of HIMYM, I was on my laptop, or iPad, watching beauty gurus doing their thing and not a second was I not amazed by their amazing talent. From the addiction of watching such videos, I couldn't help but wanting what they have.

Urban Decay, Too Faced, Dior, you name it. Everything that is sold in Sephora is like calling my name to buy them. With the little money I had at the time, shame to admit, but I did use some to buy those to-die-for goodies. It felt like whatever the beauty gurus have, I need to have it, maybe not all, but at least some of them. Even for my birthday I asked for a Naked palette from my brothers. Something I knew I couldn't afford while still having that role as a student. I started collecting lipsticks too, all kinds of colors (mostly wearable ones, no Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass-like colors). I even started experimenting on different formulas of products. Come to think of it now, what was the purpose for me to even "test the formula"? I'm not a beauty guru. I'm not a famous YouTuber who has tons of followers seeking beauty advises from me. FYI I have 10 followers on my YouTube channel. You're free to check it out and hit the Subscribe button while you're there *wink wink* Just search Awin Zulkarnain and bamn! you're there. Okay, back to the topic.

A few months have passed, and to be honest, I still do feel excited when I pass by Sephora. I do still want to check what's new or what's on sale. Before this, I would end up contemplating to buy a specific item of choice. I'd probably spend a few minutes holding the thing while staring into space, pretending there was a magical whiteboard in front of me, doing the math. And I think you know what usually happen next, I ended up buying whatever I was holding, all the friggin' time. But time has passed, and I am proud to say I'm not doing such activity anymore. Well, rarely. Sometimes I just have that burning desire to buy a new lipstick and I felt sorry for myself, so I'd buy one. Out of pity. For myself. And no, it's not always black and white stripes for me, I usually go for drugstore brands. Because come on, we all know that that's the only range of brands that I can afford and still have something left for me to spend on less necessary items, like I don't know... Food? God, what was I thinking. I'm slowly coming to my senses and realize that Awin, you ain't rich. Stop spending on unnecessary stuff. Besides, I would take 1 hour extra if I have to do my makeup. And since I am working now, I have to take lesser time getting ready, say 15-20 minutes? Nowadays, I'd just put on some primer; concealer; foundation (for days that I need extra coverage), or just a dab of powder, lipstick, blush (when I'm in the mood), and my holy grail mascara. And that's about it. Plus, I want to cater for my lazy-I-don't-feel-like-putting-any-chemical-on-my-face days. If I put too much makeup on a daily basis, trust me I'll look like a different person when I suddenly feel not to. From here, I'd feel obliged to wear heavy makeup every. single. day! And there's no fun in putting on makeup anymore. What I usually do is, I'd put on something light today, and when I'm feeling a bit laid back on other days I wouldn't bother putting anything on my face (except sunscreen) and still feel confident with how I look. So here are some of the things I did to stop my obsession for makeup.

1. Spend less time watching beauty guru tutorials on YouTube
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Be honest with me, watching tutorials gives you this extraordinary boost to murder your purse. A person that is easy to be persuaded as myself is at most risk when being left to watch this kind of videos. It needs a lot of self control. Try to set your mind by telling yourself it's okay to watch, but make sure to build that wall that's persuasion proof. You can take the tips and practice it yourself with the products or brands that you already have on your vanity. You'll look as pretty as how the tutorials taught you without having to spend your money. Genius!

2. Make sure to reach all makeup products that you already own
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Have you heard any of your favorite YouTuber said "I don't reach out for it that much", referring to a specific palette, or a lipstick, etc. Well, me personally, I can't afford to say that. When I've bought something, it's best for me to make good use of it. If I don't like the product, then later when I've finished the bottle, I won't repurchase it! That's why it's absolutely important for you to conduct a mini research about the product you intended to buy. Read reviews. or watch color swatches on YouTube. From there you'll have an idea about the product as a whole, the pigmentation, the formula, how long it could last throughout the day. Then you decide whether you should buy it or not. Once you've bought it, use it till' the very last drop or till' you actually hit pan.

3. Make a list of Need Vs. Greed
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Sometimes when you have a desire in wanting something, you tend to forget to ask yourself whether you really need it or not. It's easier to evaluate when you list down all of the items that you've been dreaming of owning. Categorize them whether it's a Need or just plain Greed. Make sure to reason out with yourself. Don't simply list everything under the Need section or not, this step would be absolutely pointless. Ask a friend or a family member to check the list for you, yknow, just to be sure that you're being truthful to yourself. Because girl, the struggle is real! I feel ya.

4. Less spending, more saving
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I've once felt that satisfaction when I bought my first eye shadow palette that I was eyeing at the time. It wasn't raved about in the beauty world, but it wasn't cheap either. After several months, I have to admit, I didn't reach for it as much as I thought I would. Yes I know, I was defeated by my own greed. I started to think what else I could've done with the money. I've always loved travelling. "I could've spent it on that" I thought. But who am I kidding, talking about what should have been done in the past is futile. But what can be done is to learn. Less spending, more saving! If you're not sure what to save for, then just think about the future. The future's a blur because we're only humans. We don't have the capability of seeing exactly what the future holds (unless you're Raven Baxter). So save up, the future you might need it more one day.

5. Give them away
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Now now, don't tear up. Goodbyes have always been the hardest part in a relationship. If you find yourself not using something that you hardly reach for, console your own self to give it away. Probably to someone that is near you, be it your sister, your mother, or your close friend. Maybe they can make good use of it and pour love better than you ever did. It hurts but trust me, it's for the better. Everyone will be happier, including you, somehow, you will.

Good luck, love!

Yours truly,